Office Cube Signs- OUT TO LUNCH


$ 11.45 

Tired of "The Boss" wanting to know where you are?  
Want to avoid the "Office Mouth" from buggin' you when you're just trying to do your work?  
Well, now you don't have to worry.  With Cube Signs, you can let "the Boss", your co-workers, friends, even dorm roommates know your thoughts without saying a word.  Share your location, your mood, warnings, or just send a positive message.  Great office or dorm room signage at a very affordable price.  
Combined with the Original Cube Clip (sold separately) you can post your pre-made sign on your cube wall, shelf, or office doorway.  
Over 20 Multiple Sign messages to choose from:  GET YOURS TODAY and SEND A MESSAGE TOMORROW!!! 

SIZE: 5" x 10"